Mariners Village is a pet-friendly estate but within the rules and regulations of the Overstrand Municipality and the Mariners Village Conduct Rules.

Herewith a direct extract from the Conduct Rules:

9.4    Domestic Animals and Pet Register

9.4.1    A maximum of 2 {two) dogs (preferably no vicious breed) or 2 (two) cats may be kept on regular erven, subject always to an application form being completed and the written approval from the Exco first being obtained.

              This permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.  Special prior permission must be obtained from Exco if a Member wishes to have more than the allowed number of pets.

9.4.2    A pet register will be kept at the guardhouse and all residents to ensure that they register their pets.

9.4.3.   As a general rule tenants are not allowed to keep any pets unless the Exco grants them prior written permission to do so.

9.4.4    The Owner of the Premises will always be responsible for domestic animals being kept, either by him or his tenants and ipso facto for any penalties that may be incurred because of noncompliance with these Rules pertaining to domestic animals.

(Sectional Titles have different ruling about pets – ensure to obtain a copy of the rules and regulations from the Managing Agents).

9.4.5    Where dogs are kept, the property must have a suitable enclosure to prevent the dogs from straying off the Resident’s property.  Pets must always be kept and looked after in a humane and loving manner.  They may not be left for a period of 24 hours without adequate human care and supervision.

9.4.6    Cats must be sterilized, and all pets must be immunized against rabies, etc.  Certificates evidencing compliance with this rule must be submitted with the Owner’s application to keep dogs and cats.  The Exco may at any time request that Residents with pets present them with the required certificates.

9.4.7    No wild animals or poultry, pigeons or birds (other than kept in a cage indoors), which impact on and cause a nuisance for neighbouring units, may be kept in the Complex.  No outside aviaries of any kind and for any purpose are permitted in the Complex

9.4.8    Pets are not allowed to roam the streets.  Roaming unknown pets, without tags as contemplated in rule 9.4.10, will be removed immediately, without notice to the owners and be handed to the municipal pound or SPCA.  In the event of the owner being known to the Complex Manager, or the owner becoming known to the Complex Manager, a fine may be levied, depending on the circumstances leading to the animal being outside of the owner’s residence.

9.4.9    Pets must be walked on a leash in common areas.  All streets, sidewalks and open areas are defined as common or public areas.

9.4.10 Should any excrement be deposited in a public area or on another Resident’s property, it must immediately be removed and hygienically disposal of by the owner of the pet.

9.4.11 Every pet must wear a collar with a tag indicating its owner’s name and contact number.

Cats must also have a bell attached to their collars to protect the birdlife on the Complex.  Unknown untagged stray pets, or pets that are consistently allowed to roam the streets, will be apprehended and handed to the municipal pound or SPCA.

9.4.12 The owner will be responsible for any damage or injury caused to property, persons and/or other animals within the Complex by his dogs or other pets.

9.4.13 Should any domestic animal prove to be a continual nuisance to other Residents, the Complex Manager may call on the owner of the domestic animal to remove it.  If the owner fails or refuses to do so, the Complex Manager may fine the owner and/or procure the animal’s removal from the Complex and to recover any costs so incurred from the Resident concerned, without prejudice to the HOA’s rights to also recover any penalty imposed.

Download the PDF here Or just the form to print and fill in here