The Mariners Village Lifestyle Estate “House Rules” have specifically been developed to provide a comfortable, secure living environment and lifestyle for the residents of this Estate. The intention of the House rules is that of protecting and enhancing this lifestyle and the environment of the Estate. These rules are binding upon all owners, residents, visitors and contractors, as are decisions taken by the trustees in interpreting or enforcing these rules. The registered owners of properties are responsible for ensuring that members of their families, tenants, visitors, friends and all their employees are aware of, and abide by these rules. The Mariners Village Master Property Owners Association (HOA) reserves the right to modify, amend, add to, or delete any of these rules from time to time. This document too should be read in conjunction with the other documentation issued to both property owners and purchasers from time to time. These including the design and landscaping manual for the estate, the Constitution of the Mariners Village ¬†Master Property Owners Association etc. These “rules” permit a higher degree of control of the living environment than would be the case in a normal suburb. Therefore these have been set up to manage this environment and to exercise certain objectives such as access control and general on-site security within the estate for the benefit of all residing within the confines of the estate.

Please find the new amended document below. The previous document (PDF on the right) is left for members who might like to compare the two. Please also click to open the new Fines and Penalties PDF at the bottom.

Conduct Rules PDF

August 2018 Penalties and Fines PDF