The Mariners Village Committee welcomes communication with owners, residents or any interested party or parties. To contact us, please direct all enquires to the Mariners Village email address below.

Issues that you would like to direct to the Mariners Village HOA Chairman or any committee member, use

Correspondence with regards to general requests for information regarding the estate, in general, should be directed to:
This include aspects relating to the overall day-to-day management of the estate should be directed to (estate functions are being handled by assigned committee members, however, is and remains a priority for the HOA).

Enquiries on the submission of plans, and any enquiries regarding the Estate Design Manual etc. should be directed to the HOA Architectural Review Committee at:
General security issues and rules pertaining to the security of Mariners Village should be directed to: or at

The purpose of this communication mechanism is to allow all property owners to direct enquiries to the appropriate party for an expedited response.